Test drive results in alleged kidnapping



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — While test driving a car to see what issues it had, a dealership employee was reportedly kidnapped June 2.

The employee said a customer came to the dealership to get his car fixed so the two took the car for a test drive, but the employee couldn’t find any issues.

The customer then became upset, so the dealership let him take the employee on another test drive. The customer drove from the store on Atlanta Highway to the outlet mall in Dawsonville. The employee said he didn’t have time to be on such a long drive, but the customer became more upset and drove along multiple highways racking up 187 miles.

The customer refused to take him back to the dealership until the problem could be identified. The employee got the customer to return when he told him the dealership may be able to replace the transmission.

Authorities said the employee was told he could pursue kidnapping charges, but the employee said he didn’t want to as he didn’t feel in danger.

The customer was told he’d be charged for four hours of service and to not return to the dealership in the future.

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