Prioritizing your time



Do you prioritize your time to get tasks and activities completed in your small business? Have you found that you’ve underestimated the amount of time it takes to finish things? Are you pushing things off because you simply don’t have time to even start them? Time is money in owning and running a small business, and prioritizing your time is critical to being successful.

Like cash flow, time is a valuable resource. Everyone from CEO’s to front-line employees squander this resource like an untuned car wastes fuel. You can’t bank time, nor can you delegate time to others. This “use it or lose it” resource can only be used once. So how do you prioritize your time?

Most people will tell you that they create a “To Do List” each day. While lists are important, they help you manage tasks and activities, not the time required to complete them. Prioritizing your to-do list and allocating an estimated amount of time to complete it, is a step in the right direction.

Tracking the time it takes to complete tasks, whether they are routine daily, weekly or monthly tasks, or one-time activities that come up, will help you to better organize your day to maximize your productivity.

It will also help you plan your work in the future. Allocating your time to the right tasks at the right time will help you be more successful in running your small business.

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