Motivating employees



As a small business owner, do you take time to motivate your employees? Do you continually look for ways to get the maximum performance from everyone who works for you? Motivating your employees to work hard, work smart and achieve results will help you to grow your small business.

The dictionary defines the word motivating as “providing someone with a motive for doing something; or, stimulating someone’s interest in or enthusiasm for doing something.” So what are you doing to get your employee’s interest and enthusiasm in helping you grow your business?

You might start with something simple, such as recognizing employees who are doing a great job. Recognition of top performers, especially if it includes monetary rewards, is a top way to motivate everyone. Providing on the spot “public praise” to someone who has done something well is also very effective in motivating others who would enjoy getting the same praise.

Get to know each and every one of your employees and find out what keeps them going. Then tailor your motivational activities individually to each and every person. Some may just want one-on-one time with you; while others may prefer special treatment, like a day off for all of their great work.

Money certainly matters, but you’d be surprised how motivated employees will get even without monetary rewards. Perks matter almost as much as dollar bills. Take some time each day to motivate your employees. You may be quite surprised at the reaction you get, and more importantly, the business results that follow.

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