Making the most of your CRM system



Does your small business utilize a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system? Are you and your sales team maximizing the value of the system? Do you use the system to be more efficient with your tasks and activities? Most CRM implementations in small businesses do not add value to improving sales. A major reason why is that sales professionals typically are not trained on how to use it. Subsequently, their use of the system is actually counter-productive. In other words, they’d be better off without the CRM system.

There are many CRM systems in the marketplace today. A search on the internet will turn up at least 30 different systems. While some may be better than others, maximizing the value of any CRM system requires a number of important components.

Number one on the list is user training. User adoption to a new system is paramount to ensure everyone knows how to use the system. Workflow is also important to ensure sales professionals are getting information quickly and updating the system as part of their routine.

CRM reports can be customized to prioritize accounts, opportunities and activity. Tasks and activities are the heartbeat of any CRM system. Turn on your computer, open your CRM system, and your daily schedule should be right in front of you — who to call, meetings you have scheduled and other activities for that day.

Maximizing the value of your CRM System will allow you to talk with more clients, sell more products or services, and enable your sales team to be more efficient in their day-to-day activities.

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