Letter to the Editor:

Keep Coal Ash Out of Forsyth County



The Advanced Disposal Eagle Point landfill is in the northwest corner of Forsyth County on the bank of the Etowah River. It is the fastest growing landfill in Georgia. Advanced Disposal has applied for an expansion to accommodate up to 25,000,000 yards of waste. The landfill is currently not in compliance with state regulations including the release of excessive levels of arsenic into the Etowah River. The citizens group Stop Trashing Forsyth and the Etowah, LLC. is opposed to the expansion and to any permit which would allow toxic coal ash/fly ash to be dumped in this landfill.

We have been providing input to the county as they work to implement a new operating agreement with Advanced Disposal. While we appreciate the county’s efforts to enforce state laws covering overweight vehicles, litter, and tire washing, the agreement fails to address important issues of operating hours (24 hours/day) and a total ban on future acceptance of toxic coal ash.

The Etowah River flows into Lake Allatoona and is a source of drinking water for Cherokee, Bartow, and Cobb counties. The potential pollution of the Etowah River from coal ash affects more than just the citizens of Forsyth County. Now is the time for our county commissioners to step up and do the right thing to protect an endangered natural resource, and not only the citizens of Forsyth county, but countless others in the state of Georgia. We implore our county commissioners to take this opportunity to fully address all issues of concern including operating hours and a ban on coal ash. Additionally, the county should withhold approval of the associated methane plant until a comprehensive assessment on the human health, safety and environmental impacts has been completed.


Susan Girton,

on behalf of Stop Trashing Forsyth and the Etowah, LLC

South Forsyth resident

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