Roswell City Council:

Jerry Orlans: Stepping down after 25 years



After 25 years of service on the Roswell City Council, I have decided to not seek re-election. It is humbling to know that the community put their faith in me for so many years.

I have been proud to serve the residents of this great city and have seen significant changes and improvements during that time.

Roswell is a unique place to live and work, and I am honored to have been a part of all the positive changes we have experienced. The city has won multiple awards as one of the best places to live and work.

Other improvements have been the revitalization of Canton Street, continued expansion of our parks, pursuit of grant money and building our “best in the state” recycling center.

The city has grown tremendously during my tenure. My attempts to keep that small-town atmosphere led me to suggest and initiate our July 4th fireworks followed by the end-of-summer Labor Day fireworks.

In keeping our city green, I initiated the first tree ordinance in the mid-‘90s as the liaison for the Environmental Department.

We have always been fiscally responsible with taxpayer dollars. Because of those efforts, Roswell is one of the few cities in the country with an AAA bond rating. I was pleased to be a part of that and to lend my business experience to the city over the years.

As I step down from my position, I believe the city is better than I found it 25 years ago.

While there is much rancor in today’s political environment, I am optimistic that Roswell will remain a sought-after community. We have laid the foundation for many great improvements to come.

These include redevelopment of the Southern Skillet property, additional Eastside redevelopment, more trails and, soon, a new City Green.

My wife and I have raised three children in Roswell, and all have grown to be well-educated, awesome adults who have enjoyed the experiences and advantages of Roswell as a big city but with a small-town atmosphere.

I am not leaving but will continue to live and work in Roswell and play an active part of the community. I will assist the new City Council as they desire.

As with the last 25 years, I will continue working to keep Roswell the quality community that it has become.

It is with great mixed emotions that I step down to pursue new adventures in serving others. I thank you for your wonderful support.

Meeting so many people over the years has been the highlight and greatest reward.

Your approval during the six election cycles has been thrilling and the best compliment I could ever receive. We still have work to do – so let’s get to it. Get involved!

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