Innovating is key to small business growth



Is your small business using innovation as a vehicle for growth? Are you continually looking for new and innovative ways to differentiate your products and services, or create something that is unique? Innovating is key to growing your small business, and if you’re not doing it, someone else will.

Innovation is the action or process of innovating, like creating a new product, a new method, or a new idea. Steve Jobs was a huge innovator, and the success he created at Apple is a testimonial to continuously looking at innovation as a vehicle for business growth. Innovation is truly the catalyst for growth in small businesses too.

Innovation comes in all sizes and shapes, and isn’t isolated to technology improvements. While technology innovation may be making headlines, often it’s the innovations that aren’t in the paper that are producing the best results. Innovating a better customer experience, a better way to communicate and engage the marketplace, or an improved method to manufacture and distribute your product are ways in which small businesses are gaining a competitive edge.

Innovation requires thinking “outside the box” and using non-conventional and counter-intuitive thinking to create something that makes things easier, quicker and more productive. Innovation also doesn’t happen without thought. It needs to be planned and executed with the “end game” in mind.

Continually looking for ways to innovate in your small business will help you increase the likelihood of success, and is key to growing your small business.

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