Letter to the Editor

Hotel will be a detriment to downtown



I am writing in response to the “$35M Boutique hotel planned for Alpharetta” article. This story read to be like an advertisement and less like a news article. The majority of people I’ve talked to are overwhelmed with the density downtown and to turn a 1-story shop into a 5-story hotel just seems like putting development before resident interest. The lack of traffic studies for this area I find absurd. How is anyone supposed to get down highway 9 anymore once all the downtown development opens? Highway 9 isn’t a little Canton Street off to the side, it’s a major thoroughfare for a large chunk of Alpharetta who use it to get to and from 400 every day. The quaint historic look of our downtown is vanishing. I hope the Planning Commission and the City Council take seriously any community input they receive on this project, and I hope the paper will cover the story in the future with information on both sides of the debate.

– Erin Price, Alpharetta

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