Letter to the Editor:

Affordable housing must be addressed



Alpharetta City Council, I love living in Alpharetta. Thank you for all you do to help make this an incredible community.

I have lived in this area for many years, but for the last four years, I have lived at Atria Northpoint Senior Living Center not far from my church, Alpharetta Presbyterian. Since coming here I have become acutely aware of issues to which I had formerly been oblivious – specifically, the many people we depend on to help us who are not able to afford to live close to their jobs, and must spend hours every day commuting.

This is not only very time consuming, but expensive. I hope that you who are our elected advocates will give more thoughtful, well-informed consideration to these issues — more efficient public transportation and more affordable housing in this area.

I do know that you have wrestled with these issues before and that there are no simple answers. I pray that you will continue to search for better options.

Thank you for your continued service to our community.

–Mary Dantzler, Alpharetta

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